Understanding men and dating

Jim met Sara on the free dating site and went on their first date 2 days ago. At the conclusion of the date, Jim told Sara that he had fun and would call her but 48 hours has passed and still no call. "Why would a man say he's going to call if he has no intention of calling?" wonders Sara. Why would a man say these things? The answer lies in emotions. A man doesn't know how to say good bye gracefully and thinks this will spare the woman's feeliings. So many singles are caught in this dating dance or mind game. It's surprising that men and women are involved in any relationships whatsoever.


When Michelle met Mike on eHarmony they got along so well at first and couldn't understand what had happened after they moved in together. Where was that fire, that chemistry that existed not so long ago. When they first started chatting on the online dating site things were going very well. Men and women are so incredibly different that it's actually hard to for either sex to comprehend how different they are. has great articles about men and women and reading those articles will give you great insight in the minds of men and women and hopefully help all of us have better relationships.

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